Thursday, January 16, 2014

Asado and Church Open House

One of the blessings of being here in the mission getting to know the church leaders in the wards and stakes.  We had an Argentine Asado with some of them.  We love spending time with them and wanted to thank them for all they do to help move the missionary work forward in their wards and stakes.

After the delicious food President Lovell explained how we had the opportunity to have a program called "Church Open House" in our mission.  It has been used in other mission in the church with great success.  We wanted their support as we move forward.  Elder and Hermana Ehmke will be over the program in the mission and are they perfect for the job!  After our delicious meal The Ehmkes took the leaders out to the car port where things were set up for them to see how it would look. 

This is an explanation of how the program will work... written by Elder Ehmke:

Capilla Abierta-Church Open House
“Venid y Ved”—Come and See 

The Church Open House is a program with a missionary focus, the purpose of which is to ring souls unto Christ.  Based on the concept of the Visitor´s Center, the Capilla Abierta is held in ward and branch meetinghouses, where sister missionaries conduct tours and teach principles of the Gospel.  It is a joint effort between full-time missionaries and members.  The Capilla Abierta: 

·       Attracts nonmembers and generates missionary referrals

·       Strengthens less-active and active members of the Church and encourages them to prepare for the temple

·       Motivates young men and women  to serve fulltime missions

·       Increases the spirit of missionary work in the ward

·       Improves relations between fulltime missionaries and members 

The Argentina Neuquén Mission is one of six missions in South America that has the privilege of presenting this exciting yet sacred program throughout our mission.  Miracles have been seen and felt as a result of our first experience with the program. 

The Priesthood leader were supportive and a schedule was put into place.   We are excited to see the lives that will be blessed by this program.
This part of the post is like the credits at the end of a movie!  These are the wonderful Elders that cooked the Asado and helped the night run smooth!  It takes many people to help and event be successful.

Thank you Elders! 

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