Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Specialized Training and Christmas Activity

 We had a very busy month in December.  We had interviews, our mission tour with Elder Romeu and we toured the mission again for a Specialized Training and Christmas Activity!   The specialized training focused on Goal Setting and Planning.  We also focused on the life of the Savior and the meaning of the atonement in our lives and how we can share this knowledge with all we meet.
We started the day with a getting to know you activity where each missionary received a list of questions.  They were simple things like:
Someone who served part of their mission in another country
Someone who is taller than you
Someone who has been in the mission for less than 3 months
Someone who loves their companions
Someone who has a birthday in December
They had to find someone to sign for each question but they could only sign once!  After they finished their sheet they brought it to me and they could get their breakfast facture! It was so fun to watch them get to know each other!  Our daughters Ashley and Brittany were here visiting after finishing their missions in Spain and Chile.  We had so much fun introducing them to many of the missionaries!
The pictures are small so be sure and double click on them to be able to see your missionary better!










Another fun thing we did was for each missionary to bring a white elephant gift.  We put them all in the middle and sat around them.  One at a time we could each could choose a gift from the middle and unwrap it so all could see what it was or choose one from someone else who had already chosen one.  A gift could only be taken twice and then it was yours to keep! 
We knew it would be hard for everyone to get a gift this year because of how difficult it was to get packages into Argentina so this way we knew we would all get at least one!  It was super fun!



Our assistant has a very special sister that did a young woman's project and collected ties and coats for our missionaries.  His parents were traveling to Buenos Aries so they were able to ship them from there without a problem!  Thank you Molly!

After a wonderful presentation about the life of the Savior we had a testimony meeting which was the highlight of the day! 
 Then we enjoyed a nice meal together organized by the Zone Leaders in each zone.  We have wonderful Zone Leaders!


We wish you all a wonderful New Year!

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