Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our #10 daughter from Chile and her family

Our second daughter Jamie served a mission in the Chile Antofagasta Mission. Here we are welcoming her home! You can tell by how young we look that it was a few years ago! 

We received many blessings from Jamie serving a mission but one of the greatest blessings is that we gained another daughter!  Veronica came from Chile to visit us several months after Jamie returned from her mission and we fell in love with her! 
She visited our extended family....

.....and she and Jamie even went to girls camp with me!

We introduced her to Jeff, a life long friend who had served a  mission in Spain and they fell in love and were married! We have enjoyed many special times with them through out the years!

We were excited when they announced to us that they could come and visit us this year in Argentina during Christmas!  It was fun to prepare a few things so we could have Christmas together!

It is hard to guess what this present might be!!!!

It was a good thing we thought to bring a few games with us.  It took a little time to remember the rules to the games but we had a great time together!

It was fun for them to meet the missionaries.

Cata had a great time running through our sprinklers!

Nicco even helped me with a few projects!

We visited some of our friends here in the ward.

Cata and Camilla had fun getting to know each other!

President Tapia of the mission presidency visited us while they were here.  We let him try some licorice and he said that trying it one time was enough for him!  Many of those that try licorice here say that it tastes like plastic!

One of the most beautiful places to visit here in Neuquén is the river.

Thank you for creating more wonderful memories for us to share with you!

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