Saturday, January 25, 2014

Preparations for New Missionaries and New Areas

These last six months have been very busy and exiting.  In June we had just over 100 missionaries and five Zones.  We had 17 Hermanas in the Mission.  We only had one Hermana from the United States!  Now we have over 250 missionaries and twelve Zones.  We just received our 103rd Hermana!

It has taken many people  to get the new areas ready.  Elder Ehmke is in the office over new pensions and has been amazing to work with the missionaries and professionals in finding and getting the appliances and furniture needed for each new pension!  We are so grateful for him!

It has been my responsibility (along with whoever is available and willing to help) to buy the dishes for the kitchens that the missionaries will need to use to cook and prepare their food.

 We have opened about 15 new pensions each transfer these last six months. That is about 75 new areas and pensions!  Thank you to all who have made this possible!





This is our wonderful Elder Ehmke who has done so much to get all of our new pensions up and running! Here he is celebrating the arrival of some new phones for our new missionaries.  There have been so many details for him to take care of!  One of the difficult parts of his task was that because of the trouble with visas we have only known a few days or weeks ahead of when our new missionaries arrived that they would really be coming!!!!   It is impossible to get 15 apartments found and  prepared in that length of time.  He has done a wonderful job and done it with a smile!  Thank you Elder Ehmke!
These two Elders moved into a pension without some of the appliances they needed.  They had fun taking these photos!  Please enjoy!

There have been many missionaries who have served in trios or had two companionships live together while pensions have been found and prepared.  There have also been many missionaries who have helped find apartments!   Thank you to all who have worked so hard during this exciting time of growth! 


  1. Oh my jokester Elder Hanzon and his sidekick Elder Ortiz

  2. I've been following the logistics of housing all of these new missionaries by watching your blog. Sister Lovell, Elder Emke this is a logistical miracle! Our son is comfortably living in one of your newly acquired pensions, and I thank you and all the others who helped find and outfit it. There's a lot of moms and dads out here who appreciate it so much!