Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All 25 of our New Missionaries have arrived!

Our big group of 25 missionaries are here!  Because there were so many new missionaries it was hard to try and match the names to the faces though the glass while they waited for their luggage! 

It is was fun to greet each one of them as they came out!

It took a minute to get organized!  There were documents we needed to gather and questions from the missionaries.

Off we go to the Mission Home!

Our Assistants

While President Lovell started the interviews the assistants shared things about the mission and helped everyone get to know each other!

Our Secretaries came over to get some of the documents they needed.

One of them had a very good friend that arrived with the group of new missionaries!

Our secretaries are wonderful.  They take care of so many things for us and for the missionaries!

We had some Empanadas for dinner and.....

..some alfajors for desert!

There was a little more training and then it was time to get some rest!