Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update on our new missionaries!

Our new Hermana from Brazil arrived early in the transfer.  Missionaries from Brazil only stay about 10 days in the CCM (MTC).  They learn Spanish right here in the mission!  It is difficult at first but it is amazing how fast they learn! 
Our son-in-law Ben was visiting us and was able to go with us to the airport.  He served his mission near her home in Brazil and was excited to see if she knew anyone he knew.  It was fun to hear him speak with her in Portuguese!  One of our assistants is from Brazil too so it was a fun ride home from the airport!  We were speaking Portuguese, my very basic Spanish and real Spanish!
Also...I received a message from our Fiele, Elder Valderas.  He is in Provo. He was at the temple near the MTC and ran into a group of the missionaries that will arrive here in Neuquén on Tuesday!  He was so excited!  They look ready to come!

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  1. Sister Lovell,
    Our son, Elder Bramell is the missionary in the middle of the group. He thought it was great to run into a RM from Neuquén. We are excited to hear of his arrival on Tuesday. Thank you for posting photos to this blog, it is a blessing for the families back home.