Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Leadership Council

 We had some exciting new changes to announce in the leadership of the mission this month.  The South America South Area Presidency, under the direction of Elder Nelson and Elder Christofferson, have ask the missions in the area to only use two key indicators for the missionaries.  Before this change the missions had many more indicators.  Some examples of indicators we  had were how many new contacts the missionaries had each week and how many lessons they taught with members.  Now the only two key indicators the missionaries will have is how many baptisms they have and  sacrament meeting attendance.

Now much more will depend on the ability of the missionary to seek and follow the spirit in order to set goals and to help the people in their areas progress toward baptism or return to full activity in the church.
In conjunction with this we came fasting and prepared to discuss the talk "The Consecrated Missionary" by Bishop Gérald Caussé, a counselor in the Presiding Bishopric.  This talk  was given at the New Mission President Seminar held in June of 2014.  It was wonderful to discuss this talk together and the missionaries had  wonderful incites and inspiration on how this new focus will be successful in our mission.   



There was surprise and excitement when President Lovell announced that President and Sister Casariego would be presiding over the mission starting in July!
This Elder is the only missionary here in this meeting that will still be in the mission in July!  It is an exciting time for the mission!



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