Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What a great Story!

A parent of one of our missionaries sent me this story.  It is so fun and I thought you might enjoy it too!  Here is the story....

In the late 70’s Tom was not a member of the church. He liked a girl who was.  Her name was Linda Orchard. Linda had sisters, man, did she have sisters. Four of them.  They were all beautiful and outgoing, quite a combination. All good members of the church. The girl’s dad was the Ward mission leader.  His name was Bob.  Bob did not have the opportunity to serve a mission, so he loved his calling, and served with enthusiasm. 

Every now and again, one of the girls would bring around a young man who was not a member of the church.  Since they were beautiful, outgoing, and fun, they attracted a lot of attention from boys and girls.  Whenever these friends would come over to the Orchard home, they were always greeted warmly and as one of the family by Momma Orchard. (Beth) Bobs wife and mom to all these girls.

Well Tom came over and felt something that he had not felt before.  As he got to know the family, he soon learned that they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).  Soon he wanted to learn more. Bob invited him to be taught about the church, in his home by the missionary’s.  Linda and Tom stopped dating, but Tom’s desire for the truth only grew. 

With the help of the Orchard family, Bob, Beth, Karen, Suzanne, Linda, Lisa, David, Julie, and Robby, Tom Kauffman was baptized into the church. 

Now fast forward, 30 years or so.  

Suzanne (Orchard) Wessel has a son Clay who was called on a mission for the church to Neuquén, Argentina.  A very remote mission for the church. She was on the mission web site and noticed a post by a Father of a missionary who was just called to Neuquén, Argentina.  His name….. Tom Kauffman.  She wondered, could this be the same Tom Kauffman who was taught the gospel in my home?  She reached out, and it was. She started out by saying "I don't know if you remember me ". Tom said of course he did and expressed his great love for the Orchard family, and what they did for him.and how they changed his life and they life of his family. Here is a picture of the two missionary’s, they happened to meet up on a transfer. It is truly a small world that is full of tender mercies.

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