Saturday, January 24, 2015


 We had interviews with every zone during the month of December.  We focused on “He is the Gift” program that was used all over the world. As part of our Christmas message we talked more about the great gifts we receive because of the life and death of Jesus Christ.  Our last zone conference emphasized the atonement.  This time we discussed the gift of the resurrection.  As a part of this discussion President Lovell thanked all the missionaries for their kind words and prayers as they found out about his Mom's passing.  Then he told them that he had something very important to share with them but before he could do that he had to help them get to know his mother. 

He showed some pictures of his mother and shared some fun things about her.  Then he talked about how sad it would be if he thought he would never see her again and how that is what so many people in the world believe when someone they love passes on.  He shared how grateful he is that we know that families are forever.  He talked about how much fun he believes that she is having being with all of those who have gone before her.  It was good for us to share this and it seemed meaningful for the missionaries. 

We also showed a slideshow of the life of Christ and we each had a chance to ponder about his life and the blessings we have because of all of the gifts we have because of him. 

Later in the morning we had time for some fun together.  We played a white elephant game.  Everyone brought a gift that they didn’t spend any money on.  They wrapped it and put it in the center of the room. There were some very creative gifts.  The first missionary chose their gift and unwrapped it.  The second missionary could either choose a gift out of the pile or they could take the gift from the first missionary.  This continued around the circle. The only important thing is that a gift could only be chosen 3 times and then it belonged to the missionary who had it at that time!  It was a lot of fun to see the White Elephant gifts that the missionaries came up with.
Then it was time for interviews, learning activities and practices with the assistants!  The assistants focused on verifying reading assignments and el “El es la Dadiva”. 
Interviews are one of our favorite times in the mission because we get to talk to each missionary.  I talked with each of them about pensions, language study and health.  It was a time we get to know them each a little better.  President really looks forward to interviews.  We really do have the very best missionaries!
Please look under the tab on the blog, "Missionary Photos" because there are many more photos there that were taken during interviews!  Look in the folder "2014-12 Interviews" in the Drop Box link.

The Bariloche Zone


The Cinco Saltos Zone

A creative way to get power to the projector in the chapel!


The Cipolletti Zone

The Esquel Zone

The Neuquén Oeste Zone

The Neuquén Zone

The Plaza Huincul Zone

The Plottier Zone

The Roca Zone

It is so fun to have cousins in the mission!

The San Martin Zone

After the interviews we had lunch at the home of President and Sister Cardenas, a councelor in the Zapala Stake Presidency.  They had brought in tables and chairs and had enough food for all of us!


The Villa Regina Zone




The Zapala Zone


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