Saturday, January 17, 2015

Los Refuerzos-Those Reinforcements-Our Newest Missionaries (Interviews and Training)

Please welcome our newest missionaries!  We don't call our new missionaries "Greenies" or "Newbys".  We call them our "Refuerzos" which means reinforcement in Spanish!  We love their enthusiasm and their desire to serve.  They bring so much energy to the mission!

Interviews and Training

After they finished the things they needed to do they were so great to help with some organization in the attic!

Training with those who work in the office

I caught a picture of our nurses getting ready for their presentation later in the afternoon.  They are such a blessing to all of us here in the mission!

Time for lunch!

Our assistants taught them things about the mission and how to be a missionary.  They were also great to answer questions!

It is always fun to see yourself on the Mission Bulletin Board!

The nurses shared important information about how to stay healthy and answer questions.

I love the part I get to teach.  We talk about pensions and our pension clean day first.  Every 2nd p-day we have "Clean Day".  There are no activities that day.  That is a day to get organized for the transfer.  The pension is to be totally cleans and photos sent to me with a signed cleaning list that it has all been done.  It is so nice to start with a clean pension!  It is also a day to get groceries and if you have been transferred it is a time to move in!
Next we talked about language study.  We talk about the Companionship Language Study Program sponsored by the church to help those who speak Spanish to learn English.  We also talk about ideas for those who are learning Spanish to continue to improve in the ability to speak Spanish!

It was so fun because there were almost and even amount of English speaking missionaries and Spanish speaking missionaries.  They did a practice with each other!  The blessing of learning a language is so great for both!


The assistants did a practice on how to share the "First Vision".

After their example everyone was able to practice.

Then they took them outside and introduced the new pass along cards we just received. After a demonstration they of course were able to...practice!

More good food and a chance for a photo!

Our evening meeting

Time to relax!

A New Day
There were more interviews and those speaking English went to do the work for their Argentina documentation. Those who were not interviewing or filling out paperwork were a great help to Lorena in the kitchen.

Then they had their office training!

One of our favorite members came to visit one of our new missionaries.  She served a mission with his parents and was so excited to see him!

Pictures with President and I

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