Saturday, January 17, 2015

Los Refuerzos-Those Reinforcements-Our Newest Missionaries (Meeting their Trainers)


Our New Companionships!

These are big sandwiches!

They were so excited and nervous to get started in their new areas!


  1. I am Hna Jones mom, Su Jones. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts and pictures! It brings such a comfort to all of us supporting her at home! Mallory says she can receive Dear Elder posts. Are these delivered weekly or is it better just to send our letters through her myldsmail address? Thanks again for your wonderful training and encouragement!

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  3. I'm so glad you enjoy the pictures. I like to put alot of photos on the new missionary posts because I know how anxious I have been to know my missionary arrived safely to her mission and is doing well!
    I just talked to the secretary in charge of the mail and he said that would recommend the email to send letters. It takes us about 2 weeks to receive the Dear Elder letters and then it is another week for them to get to the missionary from here. I hope that answers your question.