Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Baptism without a Font in Pico Truncado

When we were in the south for Zone Conferences we were able to attend a baptism in the branch of Pico Truncado in the Caleta Oliva District.  The building they rent is so small that there is not room for all who want to attend.  For now they have half of the branch meet in the morning and half meets in the afternoon. They are very close to qualifying for a new building. Maybe this next year! 
There are several branches in the mission that meet in rented facilities and are far away from a church with a baptism font.  When they have a baptism they use a pileta. The water in it is definitely not warm but the spirit of the baptism is the same.  The Branch President is here with President Lovell.  He is a great leader there in the branch.  One thing that I remember him asking the branch is, "Do you want blessings everyday? the Book of Mormon every day!

The baptism today was for the father of this wonderful family.  His eight year old daughter had been baptized earlier this year and was a big factor in his decision to be baptized.  After meeting her we could see how that could happen.  She was so happy about his baptism and was very teary during the program and the baptism.
It is amazing to see the faith of children and how sensitive they can be to the spirit. This little girl treasured her baptism certificate that she received a few months earlier at her own baptism.  Because Pico Truncado is in the District of Caleta Oliva President Lovell signs the Baptism Certificates.
She was so excited that we were at the baptism and she could be with President Lovell because he had signed her certificate!  President Lovell gave a talk at the Baptism and after he spoke and sat down she came up out of the Congregation and gave us both a hug!  She won a big place in our hearts!

The branch is blessed by two sets of great missionaries.  We are truly blessed as we see the faith of the members and the missionaries as this great work moves forward!

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