Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Puerto Madryn

Since I only have a few more days until Puerto Madryn is not part of our mission I want to share this post with you! 
Puerto Madryn is right on the Ocean.  It is in the Trelew Norte Zone of the mission.

It is a great place for families and friends to gather. 
There are two chapels and three companionships of missionaries in Puerto Madryn.

One thing that is unique about Puerto Madryn is that the ocean creates a little inlet there.  Because of that the water is more shallow and it creates a protected place for whales to come to have their babies.
We have gone several times but we have never seen the whales.  We have heard that it is best to be there in the mornings and we have always been there in the afternoon.  It is still a very beautiful place to visit.

I do have some fun pictures from some of our missionaries that have been there at the right time that I can share with you.


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  1. So cool, seeing whales in the ocean is on my bucket list..