Thursday, June 27, 2013

The first Leadership Council in the Argentina Neuquén Mission and a new missionary

 Earlier in the month we held the first leadership council for the Argentina Neuquén Mission.  The Zone Leaders, the Assistants, the Sister Leader Trainers and President and I were there.
There were many new zone leaders two new assistants and of course the new sister leader trainers to introduce. 

It was my first time to be there too!
After the meeting there were lots of pictures because there were many that didn't know if they would see each other again! 

Our sister leader trainers are excited to learn their responsibilities.  They will be busy doing intercombios (divisions) and supporting the sisters in the mission.
After the meeting we brought the Hermanas to the mission home to do some training.  The finance secretaries were there to teach them some things they needed to know.

President and I had to leave a little early to pick up a new missionary from Mexico.
  I just can't resist sharing pictures of the beautiful sky here in Argentina!

On the way home from the airport we found out that our new missionary had gone to school and had served as they waited for their visas in the same mission with one of our zone leaders who had been here in Neuquén for Leadership Council just earlier that day.  He was so disappointed that he had just missed seeing him and that they would now be in different missions.  When we arrived at the mission home I found out that the zone leader was still in the office because the bus to Caleta Olivia didn't leave until later that night. What a fun surprise is was to bring these two great missionaries together! 

It was so fun to hear them tell their missionary stories and feel their love for the gospel!

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