Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marta and Visas!

I want you to meet Marta from the Area Offices here in Argentina.  She is working so hard to help all of our missionaries get their visas and get here to the mission as soon as possible!  She is going to every mission she is responsible for to do training. She was here for the entire day training the office, the Assistants and President Lovell. 
She works hand in hand with our mission secretary.  They have spoken many many times to each other on the phone but she is very excited to meet him!
She is also glad to meet the new secretary for the Comodoro Rivadavia Mission.  She is coming while he is still here with us so that she can train both of these fabulous secretaries at the same time.  She wants every mission to know exactly what to do about keeping the visas and the DNEs current.

We had a few little gifts to show our appreciation for all she does for us!

She loves all the missionaries and does everything she can to help everyone feel special!

Thank you Marta!


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