Friday, June 28, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Caleta Olivia

I love Caleta Olivia and it is not going to be in our mission after this week!  Because it is a district and President Lovell is the Priesthood Leader for districts, we try to visit it every time we travel the mission.  When ever we have meetings with them they arrange for food for all of us.  It is so fun to be with them and their families!

As we met with the missionaries in Caleta Olivia this last time the sisters from the branch  fixed a very nice meal for us to enjoy with the missionaries.  The zone leaders arranged for it with the sisters in the district and then they did everything they could to make it special!
Even though these women are the District Young Women's President, The Branch Relief Society President and the District President's wife they are always willing to serve!

This young lady speaks English very well.  She translated for me the very first time I spoke in the district!

After church the Maldonado Family invited us to their home for lunch. 
It was Father's Day and their cute daughter is showing off the special cake they made for her Dad and President Lovell to celebrate!

This is the last family we visited in the part of the mission that will now be the Comodoro Rivadavia Mission.  We love them and so many other people we have met. They are faithful saints and are blessed because of their desires to live the gospel.  They have all been a great blessing to us and we love them very much! 

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