Friday, June 14, 2013

Los Reuerzos-The Reinforcements (Friday and Saturday)

We got to the airport a little early so the assistants went upstairs to watch the airplane land.  
It is fun to watch the missionaries get off the airplane. These five new missionaries are all from Columbia!
We are here again looking through the glass at new smiling missionaries! 

They had all been serving in Columbia while they were waiting for their visas and they were so excited to get to the mission where they were called to serve!

We arrived at the mission home to learn about the mission, do the necessary paperwork and get to know each other.
Their Mission Portraits

The trainers were already at the mission home but no one knew who would train who!


We have two new Assistants to the President.  One will be the new Neuquén mission AP and the other will be the AP in the new Comodoro Mission.  They stepped right in to orient these new missionaries.

The trainers introduced themselves and told about their areas.  The new missionaries listened very intently.

Our AP is explaining our plan for lunch.  We had numbers at each place at the table.  Then each person drew numbers out of a basket that matched a number at the table.  That way everyone mixed up and got to know each other.

Training at the office

We got everything ready for the evening meal and then left for the airport to pick our two new missionaries from Paraguay. The sunset was beautiful!
We couldn't see which ones they were tonight but we hurried down to greet them.


We arrived at the mission home just in time for an evening together with the missionaries from Colombia.

They are each so excited to find out who their trainers will be.  The trainers are also excited to know who their new companion will be!


They take time to get to know a little bit about each other.
After a wonderful evening together we take time for some very important pictures!
Our missionaries work hard but they also know how to have fun!

After our meeting together we were excited to see pictures of our own Elder Salinas. He left the mission in March.   He teaches at the MTC in Chile and was one of the teachers for these new missionaries!  They love him and look up to him.
Then it was time for the five missionaries from Columbia to go to their areas with their companions and their new pillows.

Our missionaries from Paraguay had a few minutes to relax.

The next day these two new missionaries  trained, interviewed and learned all about the mission and each other.

The assistants were the English Speakers for our language study practice!

It is very easy to love each one of these new missionaries!

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