Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wonderful Weekend with Leaders from the Area

We just spent a wonderful weekend with Elder Gonzalez (Our Area President), Elder and Sister Zeballos (A councelor in the Area Presidency), President and Sister Carlos R. Fernandez (President and Matron of the Buenos Aries Temple),  and Elder and SisterJorge Romeu ( Our area Seventy here in Neuquén).  They held a special Priesthood Leadership meeting on Saturday that involved all of the Stakes and Districts in the Mission. 

While the Husbands were busy, Elder Ehmke was the Chauffeur for  the wives to visit some of the Sisters in our Ward.  Our assistants helped us arrange the visits and everything went smoothly!

Each of the amazing women we visited had special stories to share about how they or their families joined the church.

They prepared delicious food and made us feel welcome in every way!

 Today these wonderful leaders spoke in three nearby Stakes.  We were able to attend the Neuquén Oeste Stake with Elder and Sister Zeballos.  After the meetings we  came to the Mission Home to enjoy lunch together before their flights!

It was wonderful to be with these inspired leaders!

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