Friday, June 21, 2013


We have just returned from interviewing each missionary in the mission! 
I met with each of the missionaries before they met with President Lovell. We talked about their language studies, their pensions, their daily planners and area books.  My Spanish is improving but the Spanish missionaries are very patient with me as I speak with them!  After I talked to each of them they were able to have their interview with President Lovell.  President Lovell looks forward to the interviews and to be able to talk  with each missionary.

During the interviews the other missionaries met with the assistants to do specialized training and other practices. Their focus was on the Atonement and on baptism.  It was a very meaningful experience for all involved.
This is the last time we will see many of the missionaries from the South. We are  so grateful that we have been able to serve with each of these wonderful missionaries. Because it was the last time that we would meet together we provided a lunch for them so we could spend a little extra time together!  Instead of focusing on how sad I am about not being able to share the rest of their mission with these amazing missionaries I personally worked very  hard to be grateful for the time I have been able to spend with them and to be excited for the many miracles that are ahead for them in the new mission! 

We have several missionaries that have received the mission "Standard of Excellence" since the last time we met with everyone. Congratulations to each of them!

These two missionaries reached the standard two different times.  Their goal was to reach it every week!  Even if they knew they knew they wouldn't have a baptism that week they would try to reach it in every other way.  They did have two baptisms so they were able to achieve the mission standard of excellence two different times since the last time we met together!
In this post I will include the group photos of each zone and district. Because some of the zones have districts that are far apart we met with each of the districts separately as we traveled.  For that reason I took pictures of these districts instead of the entire zone.   I took other pictures as I had time. Sometimes the assistants took some extra pictures as they had time.  They will be included in the "missionary photos" here on the blog.
The Trelew Norte Zone
The Trelew Sur Zone
The Comodoro Zone
The Caleta Olivia Zone
The Bariloche Esquel District
The Bariloche El Bolson District
The Bariloche Centro District
The San Martin District
The rest of the Zapala Zone
The Neuquén Zone
The Roca Zone
The Neuquén Oeste Zone
Just look at each of their faces and you will see what wonderful missionaries we have here in the Argentina Neuquén Mission!  Our hearts and our prayers will always be with each of them.

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