Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, President Lovell.

(from President Lovell's daughters)
Dad, we sure wish we could all be with you and hug you today on Father's Day, but we want to tell everyone how awesome you are, and tell you how much we love you!
It's fitting to post this picture of your dad picking you up from your mission in Los Angeles.
And as a new dad.  What a handsome guy!
You are an amazing dad to all of us.  How did we get so lucky?
And now you're a wonderful grandpa to our kids.  They're lucky, too!
Here are some reasons why we love you so much, Dad:
Stacey: Dad, you taught me by your words and example, of love....for my Father in Heaven, my brothers and sisters, and for me.  I love you.
Jamie: I love the way that you are always there to listen. You have been such a spiritual anchor for me and always have a story to tell with a great life lesson. Thanks for being such a great dad! I love you!
Megan:  You have always believed in me. You let me know what your expectations were, and also that you were completely confident that I could be the person you knew I could be.  I love you.
Jessica: Thanks for teaching me that life is meant to be enjoyed.  I love you, Dad!
Liz: You taught me what a strength it is to know our ancestors.  I'm so glad you helped make their stories a part of my life.  Thanks, Dad - I love you!
Kathryn: I love how you are always so supportive of everything I choose to do.  Love you, Dad.
Erica, Ashley, and Brittany love you, too.  They're in Italy, Chile, and Spain following your example to serve a mission.  They'd probably say thanks for that :)
Happy Father's Day, Dad!  Hugs from all over the world!  2(we)-4-3.

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