Sunday, June 9, 2013

Los Fieles-The Faithful

One of the joys of the mission is to spend time with the faithful missionaries that are returning to their homes.

It is such a joy to be able to spend time together as they each wait for their turns to have their last interview with President Lovell.  They sign up for the mission face book group, write in their journals, and make sure all their paperwork is in order.

They are shocked when I tell them we are going to get on Facebook to sign them up for the mission Facebook group!  One of their challenges is to remember all their passwords after two years!

We always look forward to a delicious lunch together.

The connection was made that this great Elder baptized the two boys that Lorena hopes to be able to adopt!

After lunch there was time to shop and to visit members they got to know on the mission.

 Here are some of the gifts given to the missionaries by members who love them!

Before our evening time together our secretaries come and make sure they have all the necessary paperwork in order. They are so good at what they do!

The last meal at the mission home together!

We take lots of pictures!

It is always fun to take a few minutes and look through the letters they have written to the mission presidents and other remembrances that are in their packets.

After a night of sharing and remembering we enjoy our fun traditions.

The next morning we get to the airport very early so we can get all of our luggage checked in before the other passengers arrive for check in.  It is nice to have time to say good-bye and take lots of pictures to remember each other.

 They have returned home but we will always treasure the memories we have had together.

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  1. These pictures make me teary. Before long this will be my son and I know a part of his heart will always be in Argentina. Missions bless beyond measure!